Airbnb captures global imagination


Our project for Airbnb is getting a lot of attention world-wide. The project not only enhances Airbnb workplace culture, but also inspires employees to move around the space to work and experience it just like you might one of their listings. Here’s what they’re saying;

“Move over Google and Facebook, there’s a new contender for Australia’s coolest office.” UK’s Daily Mail

“From the wilds of a Swedish archipelago to the quirky flair of a Cuban casa, the staff at Airbnb can travel the world in just a few metres thanks to the unique design of their new Sydney HQ.”

One of the great delights of the brief was to create themed rooms based on real Airbnb listings chosen by staff in Kangaroo Valley, Havana and Sweden after seeking permission from the respective hosts. We identified the key materials and elements that would help recreate these quirky and character filled rooms and bring them to life, enhancing the informal and inviting tone of the workplace. Whilst the project celebrates global travel, a local focus on Sydney and Australia is also communicated.

“The company kitchen is modelled on the Coogee Pavilion and the foyer features a stretch of astroturf that is a tribute to an AFL oval and even the toilets have not been forgotten with Mardi Gras themed changing rooms.”

Airbnb have just been voted the best tech company to work by US career website Glasshouse, ahead of the big guys like Facebook, Google and Linked in. So as the critics are touting, it could just be the world’s coolest office…

Here are links to some of the press if you’d like to read further;

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