What does the future workplace look like?


Architecture & Design have just published an article on the future of workpace design and  our PetSure project has been included in the review of progressive Australian projects that provide a glimpse into where workplaces of the future are headed. Here’s a brief extract;

“Physical and mental wellbeing should not be treated separately in workplace design, but rather designed for as part of a singular concept. In the same way that non-physical design elements such as light and air improve the health of a building’s human occupants, so too do the more tangible and traversable elements that are expressed with an office’s floorplan and integrated technologies.

Whether it’s as simple as shower facilities to accommodate staff members who cycle to work, or flexible floorplans that encourage movement between workspaces, here are three home-grown commercial projects that lay out a roadmap for agitating traditional workplace typologies.”

PetSure has certainly struck a chord around the world as more people consider the positive effects on pets in the workplace and as this article mentions, the effects a pet owners work might have on their furry companions. You can read it here.

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