Danielle Bennett | Designer

Danielle graduated from UNSW with a bachelor of Interior Architecture. She joined The Bold Collective after gaining a number of years experience with similar companies working on retail, hospitality and commercial projects at both large and small scales. Inspired by the natural and built world around her, she enjoys injecting her love of materials, colours and textures into her projects.

Danielle enjoys all aspects of the design process from initial stages through to project documentation and completion. She has solid documentation skills and particularly enjoys the creativity involved in the conceptual stages. Coming from a food and hospitality background she has the organisational skills and knowledge to coordinate consultants and approvals in order to achieve a successful outcome.


Danielle likes…

art exhibitions / photography / laughing / music / pottery / pastels / cooking / friends / coffee (x3) / watercolour painting


Inspirational Creative | Brooke Holm

Colourful, Soft, Structured, Alluring – just a few words to describe Brooke Holm’s magical photography.

Effortlessly capturing the abstract within our built and natural environment, Brooke plays with colour, composition and contrast to create whimsical representations of the world around us.

Her photographic perspective on interiors, still life & the natural environment inspires me to think differently about my surroundings and draw inspiration from the most unassuming objects, landscapes and patterns in day to day life.