Fleet Base East, Sydney Harbour


The Bold Collective was approached by the Navy Base to create an inspiring innovation hub at Sydney’s Fleet Base East. The brief was to design a space that would inspire the workforce by giving the Naval community an opportunity to conceptualise, develop and prototype ideas and transform them into practical solutions.

The existing space was unused and in a fairly poor condition, however the high ceilings, large windows and bare walls provided a blank canvas for us to get creative.

The client requested we reference the legendary sea monster the Kraken, and asked us to explore this in our designs. The giant squid became the graphic device used throughout the space, from signage applications to large scale graphics that wrap the corridor and sprawl across the floor. We developed a colour palette referencing the ocean, consisting of teal and fresh green teamed with deeper tones including olive green and charcoal.

The existing site conditions, budget constraints and a tight time frame were challenging, however the end result is a fun and inspiring transformation, injecting colour and personality into Fleet Base East.

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Photography by Andrew Worssam