Industry IT, Sydney 2016

1industrie4516We were approached by Industrie IT to design an additional part floor space to incorporate a large multifunctional meeting and collaboration hub. It was critical the design reflected the aesthetics if their existing fitout below that had been completed only a year before. We worked with the team at Industrie IT to determine how the new space was to be utilised and how this space would enhance the successful ABW workplace model they were already accustomed to.

The part floor was to incorporate a large multifunctional training / meeting area that could be used separately to the adjacent collaboration area and work areas. As you enter the space you are greeted by a collaborative high bench surrounded by greenery and calm ambience. A series of private booths for meeting and working boast inbuilt screens for review and presentation of content.


Just beyond the booths is a round lounge area with a higher tiered stool area. This soft seating surrounds a large presentation screen that is primarily used for collaboration and internal work shopping.

The two large meeting spaces are flexible and provide opportunities for numerous training and workshop configurations. Once closed they are discreetly hidden behind large reclaimed timber barn doors adding to the general aesthetic.


The work area has been divided into different workplace settings including round working elements, touchdown, team tables and sit stand zones. This space was also designed as an independent work area for clients and project teams.

Incorporated into the design collaborative work settings and opportunities for teams to meet informally was critical. As part of the refurbishment the existing level was also considered. A series of high benches, huddle areas and a new library space was injected to further enhance the workplace agility model.Overall the result was to connect the two floors seamlessly and provide a collaborative hub for staff and external clients. This space is already proving popular by all and a desirable place to work and meet.