JPQ’s Barbers Inc.


Barber / Hairdresser JPQ worked for many years dreaming of owning his very own salon. He had made himself a reputation across Sydney, cutting hair for many well known celebrities and politicians. Over time he formed a friendship with one of his clients and one day they got talking about how they could form a partnership to help realise JPQ’s  dream…

The location in Sydney’s Premium Gateway Building dictated a sophisticated brief with a slight edge. Our brief extended to include branding and marketing collateral, utilising our multi-disciplinary design team skills. The wide shop frontage and narrow space pushed us to explore a tilt lift door which provides maximum opening to the barbershop. Refined finishes of brass, oak and leather were chosen to combine a contemporary aesthetic with a slight vintage flavour, which is extended through the cutting chair selection. The tartan wall pattern has been created through the use of a dynamic tile layout.

JPQ’s Babers Inc. is a thriving barber in one of Sydney’s premium locations and we’re pleased to hear that business is booming!