Ken Barnett | Finance

Ken is an experienced and dedicated bookkeeper with over eight years experience, following a career in retail management. He has a broad client base that covers many different industries, including the design team of The Bold Collective. He thoroughly enjoys the challenges each industry brings, and also being in a position where he can help business owners concentrate on what they’re passionate about, by taking care of their business compliance issues.

Ken’s easy-going nature together with his sense of humor enables him to communicate well with clients and be a part of their team.


Ken likes…

family / live music / performing music / weekends / coffee / sleeping / summertime / cadbury chocolate / dad jokes / christmas / single malt whiskey / dive bars


Inspirational Creative | John Coltrane

My inspiration is John Coltrane.  In terms of saxophone players, John Coltrane has probably been the most studied and mimicked player around. He has a very unique style which is instantly recognisable when you hear him play- one of pure freedom. I’m inspired by his sheer technical brilliance. He was a Giant in the time of when Jazz ruled.