Lauren Evans | Media and Public Relations

Lauren is a multi-disciplinary trained designer with 15 years’ experience of working in visual communication. Her clients have included both big and boutique brands, many within the Architecture & Design community. She also teaches and lectures in design at university.

Lauren is passionate about design in all its forms and prides herself on producing thoughtful, beautifully executed work. She is very keen on finding out the story behind all good design and loves her role in sharing The Bold Collective’s design stories.


Lauren likes…

her family /  tea from a pot /  her menagerie /  children’s books / 1950’s and 60’s furniture /  g&t’s /  her husband’s cooking /  bushwalks /  op shops / pickling things / a good novel /  bird watching


Inspirational Creative | Hella Jongerius

Dutch designer Hella Jongerius is a storyteller who uses design as her medium. Her pieces, whether they be objects, graphics or furniture are embedded with meaning and they celebrate history, design processes, the art of making and often imperfection. Lauren’s love of Hella began during her uni days (she also happened to name her first born child after her…)