Masterpet’s marketing team were in need of a CBD fringe location and found the Huntley Street Sheds in Alexandria to be a fitting locale. The team craved an agile way of working to promote interaction and collaboration amongst staff.

The two storey workplace provided opportunity for a tiered seating presentation space, which doubles as a great area for informal meetings. The upper mezzanine houses a large boardroom and is home to the senior executive team. This upper area overlooks the kitchen/breakout space, creating great connectivity between the two floors. A range of flexible work settings and a large open plan kitchen area add further to the vibrancy of the workplace.

Quite appropriately, the workplace is pet friendly and the Masterpet brief requested an area where staff could work alongside their pets within individual enclosures. We responded by creating ‘working pens’ for owners and their pets (or vice versa!) as well as a dog run for those four-legged friends who might need to stretch their legs.

Timber pallets are a consistent design element throughout the space, as the raw, utilitarian nature seemed fitting for the shed environment. They provided the perfact canvas for a range of bright, environmental graphics and add to the outdoor aesthetic of the new workplace.

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