MEC, North Sydney 2012

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Located at the 65 Berry Street headquarters in North Sydney, MEC was another WPP/Group M project. The company is a global media agency and employs almost 5,000 people in more than 150 offices across 84 countries. A new direction was taken halfway through the MEC design when they took on a global re-brand. The new branding took on a new logo, colour pallet and iconography. MEC chief executive Peter Vogel said: “The new brand identity is a powerful expression of our MEC personality. It’s bold, different and inspiring – and signals how we continually explore and identify new opportunities for our clients.”

So from the new brand direction, we selected our colour palette and took on the circular portal in both 3D form throughout the office, and in the 2D graphic which would also depict the brand iconography. Guests entering from the core lifts are welcomed with a circular reception desk and three round portals to meeting rooms behind.

Shortly after moving in, MEC welcomed their new reception desk by doing a rendition of the Harlem Shake which was going viral online at the time:

Meeting rooms within the reception area were designed to unify the floor and add liveliness to the pivotal space which connects clients and staff. The success of this space has been verified by MEC, who say that it is frequently used and brings the space to life.

The work areas peel off to the sides of the reception and feature graphics which relate to the new graphics and iconography for MEC. The fresh green, white, charcoal and black palette adds a dynamic element to an otherwise typical office space. A relaxed breakout area its to the North West, making the most of the natural sunlight and offers a full kitchen and bar along with alternate seating options.

 “This year we (MEC) decided to re-vamp our offices by undertaking a full floor refurbishment of our office, including removing all offices, changing the existing layout, theming the office and changing the whole feel of the floor. We felt it was time to give our office and business a new “face”. We requested a few design agencies to pitch for the designing rights and I’ve got to say, it was an easy choice for us. The Bold Collective not only came in with fresh, fun and exciting ideas, but were a team we knew would be easy to work with while taking into account our vision and culture. While we’re only half way to completing the office refurb, things could not have gone more smoothly. The whole agency is excited and greatly anticipating the finished product. Their ideas and creative talents will bring a fresh new work environment to our agency and will help to cultivate a hard working but creative atmosphere to work in.”
Jennifer Lloyd
MEC Commercial Director

The Bold Collective | MEC | Plan

The Bold Collective | MEC | Glazing Graphics

The Bold Collective | MEC | Portal Graphics

The Bold Collective | MEC | Powerblade Graphics

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