Monika Branagan | Design Director & Co-Founder

Monika is a multidisciplinary designer with strong skills in both graphic and interior design. She has extensive experience designing commercial and retail projects alike. Monika’s greatest strength is translating a company’s brand into a three dimensional environment. She has designed for well-known brands such as Lonely Planet, Bankwest and Airbnb. Monika loves the design process and always strives to ensure the end result is a success. She is excited by projects that encompass multiple design disciplines such as graphics, uniforms and interiors.

Monika’s experience extends beyond retail & workplace design to include museum & exhibition design, theatre design, visual merchandising, education & hospitality projects. She has also worked as a part-time lecturer in the Interior Design Department at Sydney Institute of Technology.

Monika likes…

colour / pattern / set & costume design / sewing / summer bbqs / travel / interpretative dancing / red wine / a new artline pen / my dog Bingo / olives / cheese / recipe books / paper art / daylight savings / prawn cocktails / market shopping / a dress up party



Inspirational Creative | Iris Apfel

Bold, strong, flashy, loud and eccentric…what’s not to love?! I am so inspired by Iris Apfel’s spirit and passion for design. I admire her courage, drive and individuality. Iris is well respected internationally as a designer across interiors and fashion and also known as a savvy businesswoman. At the age of 95 Iris continues to be a vibrant force in design, a strong female role model and fashion icon. I would love to be working in design well into my nineties and have the ambition and energy to contribute creatively.