Namika Parajuli | Junior Designer

Namika is currently completing a degree in Architecture and Environments at the University of Sydney. She also works as an event and floral stylist, decorating many occasions such as weddings and christenings.

Namika is not only passionate about architecture and urban planning, as covered by the degree she is studying but also is very interested in interior and graphic design which are areas of design that are integral in good architecture. By studying and working at The Bold Collective, she hopes to achieve a thorough understanding of all aspects of design in order to become a well rounded and skilled creative professional.


Namika likes…

sneakers / eye makeup / sangria and tapas / reading books / tropical plants / collages / hip hop and RNB / good speakers / Wes Anderson / wide leg pants


Creative Inspiration | Virgil Abloh

My inspirational figure is Virgil Abloh: an American/Ghanaian architect, creative director, DJ and fashion designer. He is inspiring not only because of his intellect and qualification in both technical and creative fields but also because he has achieved and continues to achieve so much in each of these areas. He is an inspiration for my future and a goal that my motivation is built on.