Nicky Lobo | Wellness Instructor & Party Planner

Nicky Lobo has experience as a freelance editor, writer, yoga teacher, speaker and party planner. Nicky is interested in design and architecture, art, yoga, communication, the body, mindfulness, nature, music and dancing.

Nicky spent almost nine years working on the highly respected publication Habitus, producing 33 issues in her time there; eight of them as Editor. As an ex-interior designer in the commercial sector and a design & architecture Editor, Nicky has an ongoing passion for, intimate knowledge of, and extensive relationships within, the creative community. She seeks out personal and collaborative projects that enable her to explore boundaries, develop and hone skills and, ultimately, grow.

Nicky’s knowledge and prowess as a yogi brings a level of calm to The Bold Collective. Studies in the benefits of yoga and wellness in the workplace are brought to life through Nicky’s involvement in our team.

Nicky’s career highlights revolve around conversations with creative people, which have the power to inspire for years to come.



Nicky likes…

music, dancing & singing / light — sun, candles / yoga/meditation / baths / dress ups / touch — hugs, cuddles, pats, textures etc. / reading / nature, esp. cats / creating / archways


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