‘The New Office’ by Cromwell Property Group

20150807_DSC5698It’s always satisfying to see how our projects go on to transform the working lives of the people that use them every day. Our client Cromwell Property Group in Brisbane have just published a glowing report on their recently completed workspace. Below is a little snippet of what they had to say;

One of Cromwell’s favoured interior design firms, The Bold Collective, has a diverse client list from ABC Radio National through to Airbnb and has helped many businesses transition from closed to open plan worksplaces using interior design to support cultural change.

The Bold Collective’s design director, Monika Branagan, points out that cultural and physical changes in the workplace can be daunting. “In our experience clients who are open to questioning their existing work patterns and behaviours and are open to challenging the status quo, push their organisation towards a positive change.

The post occupancy work we’ve conducted all indicates that dynamic work environments increase collaboration and flexibility and are more aligned with our fast paced, multi-tasked contemporary lives. Moreover, a static work environment is no longer relevant in 2015 and even the most traditional organisation is quickly realising the benefits and opportunities that more choice affords”, Monika said.

Benefits of the New Office

  1. greater real estate efficiency through a higher utilisation of spaceimproved flexibility to create project teams quickly
  2. vastly improved support for teamwork and general collaboration
  3. greater energy and activity which itself can be a positive cultural shift
  4. sustainability benefits through a reduced workplace footprint per person

You can read the complete article here. Good stuff Cromwell, we’re so pleased to hear it’s all going well.

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BOLD makes the top 40!

We were thrilled to have made it into the top 40 (studios that is) in the Emerging Interior Practice 2015 category of the World Interior News… yes, that’s right, TOP 40 IN THE WORLD! Read more about it and check out the international competition here.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 1.52.55 pm


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2014 BOLD CHRISTMAS CARD | The Bold Collective

The Bold Collective team extend a warm thank you for your support throughout 2014 and wish you a happy festive season into 2015.

Our office shuts down from 6pm Tuesday 23rd December and reopens 9am Monday 5th January. We will be checking emails regularly throughout this period for any urgent enquiries.

Many thanks,
The Bold Collective team

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We were recently approached by Wilkhahn to collaborate on a new project that they were working on to promote the Chassis Chair. Originally conceived by German designer Stefan Diez, the Chassis is known for its sophisticated automotive frame, single shell and simplistic kit of parts. Our brief was to think outside the box and explore different ways the chair could be treated for it to be seen in a completely new light. Inspired by the challenge, we got to work conceptualising a craft focused design, drawing on the chair’s German origins.

The Bold Collective | Chassis Chair

Our approach was to soften the sleek, engineered form with a touch of the arts and crafts. We looked to traditional Germal folk art and decided to incorporate a textured cross stitch that would be stitched onto a German manufactured perforated leather. Diez is based in Munich, so we based our cross stitch design on the Munich city skyline and gave our chair a German name, ‘Bitte Setzen Sie Sich’ which roughly translates to ‘Please Take a Seat’. We gave the chair a set of hand knitted socks for good measure!

IMG_0193-C IMG_0200-B2 IMG_0208-B IMG_0214-D

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