The Project at B2 Studios


Sydney Indesign invited us to design an installation for The Project at B2 Studios inspired by their theme of Design Carnivale.

Our installation was a celebration of colour, play & pattern. We carefully examined art and design movements that slap you in the face and know how to party! Pop Art merging with Memphis was the key and we extracted common graphic elements found in both. By translating them into 2D and 3D forms, we created an installation that visitors could walk through, experiencing circus meets 80s inspired costumes along the way. And… let’s just say there were a lot of balloons!

SCALLOPSSHAPESPhotography © Tim da-Rin | | @timdarinPhotography © Tim da-Rin | | @timdarinPhotography © Tim da-Rin | | @timdarinPhotography © Tim da-Rin | | @timdarin