Third Horizon


We were fortunate to be awarded a new workplace relocation project for the leading strategy company Third Horizon. They decided on a part floor of the iconic Grosvenor Place to make their Sydney Headquarters.

The team at Third Horizon were keen to provide their staff with a highly collaborative workplace environment that would encourage interactive and progressive thinking. Large dynamic screens greet you through the front entrance and allow for a comfortable ‘holding area’ for visitors. The combination of whitewashed and natural Oriental strand board (or OSB for short) warms the interior and provides an unconventional back drop to the Third Horizon signage.


The breakout area was designed close to the front of house zone and allows for a generous multifunction meeting room and three small meeting rooms to open into this environment. The bar like kitchen becomes a focal point for client functions and of course a place for staff to unwind. The variety of seating opportunities, including the perimeter modular tiered structure, help the Third Horizon team reconfigure the space depending on the use.


The general work areas were populated with different styles of worksettings including team tables, high benches, booths, circular tiered lounges and round working. All designed around the idea of collaborating, sharing ideas and flexible agile working. The dynamic carpet tile patterning picked up on the Third Horizon brand colours and complemented the more neutral work settings.

More smaller meeting spaces and areas for innovation trickle throughout the remainder of the workplace offering more private and focused areas to collaborate and interact. Third Horizon works very collaboratively with clients to overcome challenging business problems and create performance improvements and solutions. The project met the key design objectives the team outlined in the original brief and will continue to provide a dynamic and progressive environment for both staff and visitors to experience.

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Photography by Andrew Worssam