WPP Brisbane

The Bold Collective has history with WPP, so it was fantastic to receive another amazing brief to co-locate a number of media agencies into an amazing free standing Southbank building. Some of these organisations we had worked previously in other states so we understood their general branding and design aspirations. This was a great opportunity to house TNS, Mediacom, Blaze, PPR, MEC and Idea works GPYR and Y+R Group under the same roof, providing WPP with a more simplistic real estate footprint but also a desirable destination for all of the agencies involved.

The building was located in Stanley Street overlooking the Southbank icon, ‘Streets Beach’, a fabulous tourist destination for visitors and locals. As the building was freestanding it was surrounded by glazing on all sides, making use of the views overlooking Streets beach and the busy activity of the restaurant precinct of Stanley street. There were also outdoor balconies on all three levels that could be used throughout the year.

Once occupied by Lendlease the existing fit out had numerous benefits such as an interconnecting staircase from the reception, and a suite of client facing meeting spaces. It made sense to incorporate these existing elements and create a cosmetic overlay that would transform the environment to reflect more of an agency environment.

The ground floor housed a large reception arrival area and was surrounded by shared meeting spaces. It was critical to incorporate the various brands of each of the agencies without complicating the simplicity of the finishes and general aesthetic. The research agency required a distinct separation from the other agencies and shared the ground level with the shared front of house facilities.Level One being the central floor provided a large open breakout area where all the agencies could come together for larger ‘town hall’ gatherings. This was the floor where the smaller agencies could populate whilst remaining distinct from one another. There was an opportunity here to open the ceilings up and create a sense of volume. Large communal bench seating and a central bar were the central focus here.

Level two was occupied the larger of the agencies and wanted to provide a more collaborative environment for their teams. They wanted the ability for staff to freely move around the agile workplace and offer alternative meeting / working spaces. A large bank of open booths stretch alongside the staircase masking the open workplace and you arrive in a large open lounge area adjacent to the balcony. Being a group of creative agencies the teams have collectively reinforced their own brands so although it is one building there are separate personalities that come through.

Photography by Scott Burrows